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Best of All The Online Part Time Jobs From Home

Today it is possible to earn money online without investment. There are some jobs that enthusiasts can do in a hassle free manner and also make good profit. These jobs require no technical knowledge, prior work experience, exclusive setup, infrastructure or team.

Let’s discuss an easy-to-do online job from home

When it comes to looking for online part time jobs from home, it is convenience and affordability that matters most. Every job needs some commitment and demands dedication but not every job guarantees returning income. The job we’re going to discuss in this article provides more freedom and also provides an opportunity to earn recurring income.

What is this job?

It is software called Integrated Field Staff Management & Customer Care System. It works like a platform and its objective is to bring field staff and managers closer for business. It is also called field staff tracking software as its job is to track employees. Your job will be to promote the software and make clients for the company.

Convenience of employee tracking business

You don’t have to be an IT professional as you aren’t going to upload, maintain or upgrade the software. All you need knowing to do this business is to highlight advantages of the software and you can easily educate the targeted audiences about benefits of the software.

Its advantages are:

Live tracking: The Integrated Field Staff Management & Customer Care System tracks employees in real time. The managers can see geographical location of the employees on the platform and also they can communicate with the field staff in real time. The software never loses track of employees as it uses GPS and cell tower triangulation for tracking.

Task assignment: The software is used for assigning tasks to field staff. Managers can send details of tasks including contact details of clients to the field staff. The staff can see the details on the software. The software shows client location on a map for convenience of the employees.

Invoice making: The software is capable of making invoices in an error free manner. It can even add overdue payments to the present invoices. The clients can sign the online invoice after making payments.

Timesheet/Attendance: Employees can make and maintain their timesheets in real time on the software. It records starting and closing time of jobs and in this way helps employees in maintaining timesheets. Similarly, the employees can mark their attendance from field.

Join as a Brand Ambassador

Send your request to earn money online without investment by becoming a Brand Ambassador. The company will provide you a portal to manage your client list. You will get a certain amount as commission every time your clients pay their bills. In this way, you can see that recurring income is ensured.

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