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Employee Seeks Help in Updating their Resume from Professional Resume Writers

One of the perceptions among individuals who are employed is that their old resume is enough to get them accepted in their new jobs.

The idea is that there is nothing to change with their old resume because there is nothing that is worth adding to their resume. They are afraid to change their resume thinking that they might write something wrong that might jeopardize their application.

Thinking that nothing worthwhile has happened in a person’s life that is worth adding to a resume is a serious error. Employees who think in this manner are bound to miss important lessons and experiences that are worth including in their resume.

Here are some of the new information that is worth adding to your updated resume

  1. Social Media accounts and profile. Did you recently join the social media and opened a new account in LinkedIn or Instagram? It is essential to include your social media profile in your resume. In fact, chances are your prospective employer are going to be looking at your social media accounts as their way of checking whether you pose risks to the company. You might as well save them the trouble and include them in your resume yourself.
  2. Skills and Experiences. Did you complete a new training or seminar while working for your past employer? Did you recently learn a new skill while working for your past employer that can contribute to your new job? Did you handle a significant amount of budget during your tenure with the company? These skills and experiences are essential to be included in your updated resume because they show the prospective employers that you are constantly learning new skills. It also means you are constantly investing in yourself.
  3. Accomplishments. Did you close a big account for your company? Did you help save substantial amount of money for your company? These information are worth including in your resume because it shows that you are a proactive individual who thinks about promoting the company’s interests.

So, if ever you doubt the importance of updating your resume, think again! There are so many legitimate and valid reasons why you should constantly update your resume.

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