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Tips for Making Employees Love Their Office

Tips for Making Employees Love Their OfficeHappy employees are more productive employees. Good quality employee recognition, incentive and reward programs can certainly make for happier, more motivated employees. But don’t forget about something more basic, like making sure they love their office. An article on Inc. offers up the best practices of companies who are getting it right in the workplace.

Here is an excerpt of the Inc. article with ten tips to help ensure that employee motivation exists in the workspace you provide day-in and day-out.

1. Stay organized.

Productivity and motivation can suffer when people don’t know where to find important information, tools, and supplies. Organize 5 key areas: paper, general stuff such as office supplies, your space and furniture layout, electronic information, and time management.

2. Make it comfy.

Designing a comfortable office environment is about more than aesthetics; careful attention to design can give a boost to employee happiness. Be sure to incorporate quality lighting, good ventilation, and a quality heating-and-cooling system.

3. Give everyone a say.

The Inc. article cites an example of Tasty Catering, which formed two councils, based on Jim Collins’s Good to Great book. Employees were drawn from across the company and invited to join the councils for a month and assist in making all the strategic decisions for the company.

4. Consider openness.

The trend today is to support collaboration, in all its forms. Create more open spaces in the office but ensure that employees have access to areas where they can go to focus on a specific task when required.

5. Make the workplace a community.

In this year’s Top Small Company Workplaces, Leigh Buchanan interviewed Bill Witherspoon at Sky Factory. His employees not only love the clear and open communication structure, but also love helping each other.

6. Focus on utility.

Look to maximize the flexibility of the space, such as wiring to support Wi-Fi. Ensure the basics of a functional office work flawlessly. Remedy complaints regarding technology and equipment malfunctions quickly.

7. Make the office optional.

Well, sometimes. A flexible workweek came into vogue during the recession, when plenty of companies – and even municipalities – looking to cut down on office expenses implemented four-day workweeks. A firm in Michigan implemented a four-day workweek from the get-go to help reduce employee burn out and create a place where people enjoyed coming to work.

8. Make education a priority.

McDonald’s has its own Hamburger University. Now top small workplaces are adopting the university metaphor for their education efforts, which often cover not just business and technology but also non-work subjects: ceramics, wine tasting, and more.

9. Consider mixing uses in a great space.

An office can make you money, not just cost you money. Consider staging an educational event or workshop in your space and charging people to attend.

10. Add some perks.

Certain perks can make employees feel like a million bucks – and perform like they’re worth it. The Inc. staff compiled 10 perks they love, from free dinner to being able to bring kids to the office.

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